Perfect Seal


Perfect Seal
Gasket Maker Sealant Number 4
  • Used worldwide in the automotive, aircraft and marine industries
  • Liquid sealant designed to meet rigid requirements of OEM specifications.
  • Non-hardening and resists extreme temperatures.
  • Seals all gaskets and threaded connections.
  • Prevents corrosion of bolts, studs and fitting threads.
  • Resistant to gasoline, oils, steam, salt-water, antifreeze and propane.
  • Withstands temperatures from -50  F to 400  F.

Can be used on cyclinder head gaskets, cap screws and studs, intake and exhaust manifolds, manifold gaskets, cylinder block and water pumps, oil pan gaskets, vacuum hoses, heat hose and radiator hose connections, welch plugs and water pump cap screws and studs.